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Uniting 2 Save Our Country & The World

We choose our Goverment our Goverment Does Not Choose us

Everyday we see our rights and our principles get lost in the shuffle with what the news wants us to see. Divide & Concur is what our world is coming to. What we are forced to forget is that Freedom and safety comes with UNITY ! 

Coming together to recreate a safe and more prosperous world without Abuse of people Governments  is what the world desperately needs. 

We have been gifted the tools to do what we need to and what we can by fighting for our Country & the world how ever we can, as much as fighting wars for our Country's to as little as watching the news and educating other on what is happening around the world and communicating the information.

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Everyday we see people  misuse the the information & tools given to us. We see groups of people just rambling on the internet and bashing each other for their opinions some educated some not. Let's find the Courage within ourselves to use those tools to save ourselves and eachother by utilizing those tools to Unite 2 save the people of our world.

New York Reinstates Compulsory Quarantine

What is the rule 2.13 isolation in NY?

New section 2.13 added to clarify isolation and quarantine procedures. - Requires the Commissioner to designate those communicable disease that require prompt action, and to make available a list of such disease on the State Department of Health website.

What is the mandatory quarantine in NY?

Status for Required Mandatory Quarantine – Person has been in close contact (6 ft.) with someone who is positive, whether or not displaying symptoms for COVID-19 or not. Status for Required Mandatory Isolation – Person has tested positive for COVID-19, whether or not displaying symptoms for COVID-19.

What is rule 2-13 in NY?

The passing of rule 2.13 makes it possible for public health officials to force individuals suspected of being sick to quarantine. Not necessarily within their homes, either.

Rule 2.13 – Isolation and Quarantine Procedures

The government now has legal authority to remove residents from their homes and force them into quarantine camps. There is no age restriction. Children could be removed from their homes without parental consent. They do not need to warn citizens when they are coming or how long they must quarantine. You will be required to take any steps the state mandates, including taking medications against your will. There is no due process, no court hearing, and no rule of law as the government may now abduct citizens in the name of public health.

“This has been a ‘David v. Goliath’ fight from the beginning on many levels, so it is not surprising that the state, with its limitless resources, has effectuated a win this round. We will never stop fighting for New Yorkers against government overreach.  And so, we will be appealing this calamitous decision to the Court of Appeals, our state’s highest court, which is a court of constitutional integrity, and we are confident justice for New Yorkers,” Senator Borrello noted.

You may not even take a test to determine if you are sick — the state has full authority over you and your body. This is one of the most restrictive and oppressive pieces of legislation to pass in US history and nullifies our freedoms. There is one last chance to save New Yorkers – the Court of Appeals. If they can do this in New York, they can do it anywhere. We must raise awareness of what is actually going on before it is too late. 

 We see what is going on around the world and what the fear that is setting into people bringing us to. We are a group of people that is ready to do what we can to save our Country & the world. 

 Join us in unity to do the right thing for the right reasons by making a difference in the future and the future of our kids and grandkids.

 There are many of us that want and need to be part of the change but all we see is groups online that do nothing but complain and bash one another for their opinions & choices.

 If you're ready to get involved in uniting with people that are ready to do their part in making this a safe and prosperous world again register yourself in the for, and become a part of the solution !

Unite 2 Save The World

If you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

Thanks for registering.

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