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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Courage is a movement that will provide, a safe living environment. dining, medical & mental help, legal help , a peaceful environment for victims to heal and time to decide what they see themselves doing in the future to become the best that they can be and pay it forward with the

Courage Opportunity Zone Program and become good citizens in their communities

Join us in doing the right thing for the citizens of our world  

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Friends by the Lake


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From the bedroom to the government, abuse is no longer tolerated or accepted.  From Victim to Survivor. 

Why do victims go Back to the abusive environment ?
No long term solutions

No Support from family & friends, legal representation too expensive.

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  Queen Courage is a Movement & Organization against abuse.

From the Bedroom 2 the Government. Courage is not a bandage that will give you a bed to sleep in for a night without further solutions or options.

We are for giving an opportunity to survive and thrive by offering long term and lifetime solutions for survivors that no longer want to be victims.

 Yes, I’m a survivor of abuse.

You don’t see my scars and I’ll never show you my pain because only I know what my pain feels like. I turned every scar into a weapon & a tool that made me a person that wanted to turn her pain into a solution for people that don’t have other options except survival

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