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Marriage Counseling 


Whether in a relationship or marriage a strong foundation in relationships can last a lifetime as long as you put in the time and the work it takes to keep it strong.


Stage 1- Couple Getaways

Prepare yourself for leaving an unsafe environment,


Stage 2-  Start Connecting

Help us help you with your transition 


Stage 6-  Counselling 

Start working on bringing out the best of yourself by dealing with past & present emotional issues,

Stage 7- Meetings 
Online & Outpatient 
Stage 8- couples meetings
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Stage 9- Opportunity 
to create your dreams together

Are You And Your Partner Losing the togetherness of what's important in a relationship of your dreams ?

  • Do you feel as if you/ and your partner are losing your connection?

  • Is your connection becoming negative or even toxic?

  • Do you wish you and your partner could try starting over again?

  Even though you want to turn to your partner for emotional connection, you may no longer feel a deep, loving bond with them. Instead of feeling close to each other, perhaps the hurts between you over the years has left you both feeling isolated and alone. You may have noticed that your relationship no longer feels as comforting and nurturing as it once did, but you are unsure how to re-establish intimacy.

Perhaps you feel emotionally deprived or rejected by your partner, leading to feelings of anxiety and a sense of uncertainty about the relationship. As you anxiously hope your partner will respond to you, your sense of rejection could show up as criticism, anger, or resentment.

  If one of you is reacting anxiously, then the other one is likely acting avoidant or emotionally disinterested and has stopped giving or seeking support from the other. This dynamic could be leaving one or both of you feeling estranged from each other. You might be wondering if you can depend on your partner when you need them most.

 With couples therapy you can once again be more affirming with each other and find your way back to the close, nurturing, fun relationship you once knew.

No relationship is perfect all the time

  It's very common to get  into negative cycles with our partners. Each of us brings the wounds from our childhoods into our marriages. These old hurts can lead us to easily feel hurt, unloved, or unable to reach out to each other. As Sue Johnson, the founder of Emotionally Focused therapy says, “There is no other experience that will have more impact on our lives—our happiness and health—than our success at loving and being loved.”

  Each of us is the result of our relationship history—the interactions we have had with our significant others—starting with our parents and siblings and continuing with our partners. Our history affects how we perceive ourselves and how good we feel about ourselves. We bring this sense of self and others into our long-term relationships.

  As humans beings we are wired for connection, but because we all enter our relationships with old wounds unhealed, we hurt and get hurt and then find it difficult to be emotionally present with our partner. There is little time devoted to teaching us to feel, acknowledge, or handle our emotions in a real and healthy way. Problems emerge when we disown, deny, or suppress our needs and feelings.

Furthermore, there is the stigma that married people shouldn’t have fights and don’t need counseling. In truth, all couples have conflict. So much separation and divorce could be avoided if we only knew it is ok to ask for help.

  Fortunately, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples can show you how to reduce conflict and recover from it more quickly. For couples who want to be in a conscious relationship or for whom their negative cycle has become painful, this form of marriage or couples counseling can help partners connect in new, healthy, more loving ways.

In Couples Therapy  Both Partners Can Learn How To Express Your Feelings And Become One Unit 

  In Researching 70 to 75 % of couples were able to rejuvinate from marital distress and 90 %  report a significant improvement in their relationship. Counseling for couples helps you rebuild an emotional connection with your partner.

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