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Courage Growth 

The Movement

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


I am the Queen 4 Courage.

January 6th 2022  I decided that I don’t want to live anymore. I spent 37 years of my life loving and catering to a man who was very abusive and Cruel. I took one bag that had only the most important items to me and I walked out the door leaving everything behind me. It was that night that I begged God and my mother who is in heaven to take me to her. I woke up the next morning alive and then it happened. God spoke to me and made me his Angel on earth. He reminded me what a precious gift it was to be alive and how lucky I was despite all that I went through and he gave me this gift called Courage to pay forward to others that aren’t as fortunate as I was. I swallowed my pride and came out with the gift ready for anyone that is ready to find their Courage to

No Longer be a victim.

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The Courage Story 

Courage is a movement that will provide, a safe living environment. dining, medical & mental help, legal help , a peaceful environment for victims to heal and time to decide what they see themselves doing in the future to become the best that they can be and pay it forward with the Courage Opportunity Zone Program and become good citizens in their communities

Join us in doing the right thing for our world  

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The Vision of Courage Resorts
by the Founder

Hotel Exterior


A beginning of your new life, the courage you need 4 your Journey

Hotel Swimming Pool
Sharing a Hotel Room
Family Dinner
Hotel Room
Cleaning Hotel Room

Let Courage guests be your new friends and family, they understand they've been there

While you rest and getting the rest you need our courage staff & residence are here for you and all you need.

Experience the life you can have in comfort and safety 

Courage to have a good nights sleep, no one will hurt you here.

Sharing family meals good healthy conversation & happy family style dinners.

Healthy Home Cooked meals made by our residence, staff & culinary students 

Thanksgiving Dinner
Outside Dinner

Learn healthy relationships with picnics & outdoor share your stories with people who understand.

Celebrate important events with your new friends & family while also including your old ones.

Happy Family Portrait
Therapy Session

Doctors & counselors are always on staff and here to help you work through your problems and traumas 

Group meeting are a must, please share & if you're not ready well, at least listen

Team Building Session
Couples Therapy

Marriages & relationship counseling is available for those couples wanting a second chance to do it right or start out right from the get go

Family counseling is very important for children that have lived in abused households.

Muscular Man in Gym

Mind Body & Soul exercise is just as important & great stress relief 

Yoga at Home
Sport Exercise

Legal help is one of the things most victims have a hard time getting and most of the time the reason they loose everything. NOT WITH COURAGE 

Asian lawyers discussing on legal case with document contract
American Judge

If you need to go through the court system, you won't be alone 

Courage to begin again

Cut Out Cookies

Family learning activities

Senior Computer Class

Workshops & Career classes

Shooting Cooking Video
Day Care

Childcare is provided, while you're rebuilding your life your children are cared for in a safe loving envirement

Education is an important part of a childs recovery

Raising a Hand
Soccer Practice

Education & afterschool programs 


Kids sports & activities will be provided 

Modern Education Center

Career & Job opportunities for our Courage survivors in the Courage System and our Partners

Welcome to the rest of your beautiful life!
The Best Way To Thank Us is By :
Paying It Forward  



Become part of the solution by donating to help us do the right thing by donating

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Legal Support






Business Opportunities 


Legal Immigration

Opportunity Zone















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